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Income Protection

Are you prepared to give up your lifestyle?

  • No holidays?

  • Cancel your sky subscription? 

  • Stop your kids after school clubs and swimming lessons?

  • No more nights out?


Most employers provide full sick pay for up to 30 days - What about yours? How would you pay your mortgage or rent?

No one likes to think anything would happen to them, we can't see into the future or prevent the unfortunate but... we can help protect your income.

Talk to us about our range of income protection and Accident, Sickness & unemployment insurance cover.

Our initial appointment is free of charge with no obligation.


Your whole financial future. 

Most people feel protecting their income is the most important insurance purchase.

How about you?

Did you know?

£13.9m is paid out every day by insurers for protection policies, including income protection, critical illness and life insurance.

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